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Angel of...Peace.

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This site is dedicated to my sister-in-law. Her name is Brenda. She passed away on Sunday, March 24th at 8 A.M. because she had cancer. She was in my life from the time I was 11 till now (I am 30), which is almost 20 years. She lost her husband (my older brother) to a brain tumor in 1994. We were all devastated then and now here we are again almost 8 years later.  I made this site to make me feel better.  Not for Brenda...she already knew all of this.  We loved each other very much and made no bones about talking about it.  She knew how much I admired her and looked up to her.  I made sure she knew all of the things I am saying now.  This page is just to share her with you...someone who may have been lucky enough to have met her...or maybe your a complete stranger....either way her memory goes on.  She spoke in a low soft voice and had beautiful brown curly hair, with the most expressive big brown eyes I have ever seen. She had a good laugh that everyone got to hear often and she had a wonderful sense of humor. She was and is a beautiful woman, a strong Christian and the best big sister in the whole world. We talked usually 2-3 times a week, unless something was wrong and then I knew to keep bugging her till she told me what was going on. She hid how bad her cancer was, so we would not treat her differently. That took so much courage for her to know all she did and not to share it with anyone except her best friend and her Aunt. I respect her for it and I am upset with her for doing it, she had no need to walk down that road alone. Brenda came into my life when I was a little girl who was trying her best to be a tomboy. She spent the rest of her life trying to teach me how to be a lady (she almost got it done). Ok, not really, lol...she did, however, teach me some tact and diplomacy, sort of long as I think before I speak (which happens way to seldomly). She would look at me after I had done something not so polite with a beautiful smile and say, "Katherine, I see it is time for another T&D (tact and diplomacy) lesson". Poor Brenda, I was rebellious for a lot of those lessons. She on the other hand was always a perfect lady (well almost always). She was always there to lend a hand to anyone in need and she was also ready to jump in and fight for the people she loved. She wanted children but that never happened. She would have been the best mom in the world, she was patient, loving and fun. Anytime she kept my daughter over night my daughter would come home with all these wonderful little treasures that they had made together. I told her once that She did not have to go to all that trouble and she told me if I wanted my kid to be bored I would have to take her to a different aunts house because she would continue to be the fun aunt. She was always making things like clothes, costumes, hats, soap, stained glass, tables w/stained glass tops, pottery and the list goes on. She was so talented and creative in so many ways. No matter what kind of situation I found myself in I could call her and say...what do I wear to this or how would you handle this...and she always had an answer for me. Sometimes, it was only a mischievous smile and a laugh that said you are on your own, cause I have NEVER found myself in that position. lol. I have no regrets because even though my brother died we kept in touch because we were a family even if he was not here anymore. She always knew that I loved her and I know she loved me. I wish for my own selfishness that she could have been here a lot longer, I rejoice that now she is in heaven with God and her husband. She was so very beautiful inside and out and I miss her very much. People who met her one time grieved as though she were a family member to them. Everyone said she was a special person and a neat lady. She got so many beautiful flowers after she died and I got to see all the people whose lives she touched. Brenda was so special too, she would pray for anyone, anytime about anything. As she lay dying in the hospital she was praying for the rest of the people in the hospital. She was a very special person and I wanted to share a little bit of her with you. I know she sounds awesome and unbelievable, but I'm not lying she was all of these things and more...

July 4th 2002

Well I just wanted to add that I miss you Brenda.  I miss your bright smile and your beautiful laugh.  I wish things could have been different...but you are with God now.  I know you are in a good place and I know your happy.  I still reach to call you when something exciting happens or when I just need to rant.  Jessica still cries for you and truthfully so do I.  I can't wait till I'm with you again.
I love you...



In memory.

This graphic was sent to me from this site.  Thank you for letting me use it SueCat.


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