This is Take A Chance On Me by Abba.
This is Keishin.
Torch.                   Keishin.                   Torch.
Keishin is Japanese for growing wisdom.
Keishin is a Pixie Dragon. Pixie Dragons are impulsive, daring, adventurous, but very loyal to those special beings in their life. Keishin was born with a fire birthmark. He does not remember much before he got here. The CREATOR said he would not. He has spent all of is waking moments trying to get out of his egg! The minute his eyes opened he started trying to get out! He hated that was keeping him from his adventures! Even though his little body was not ready to come out into this world yet. He said he just kept screaming: "Hey! HEY! Let me outta here! Help! Help! I'm trapped!". He said he just kept saying that over and over. No one let him out of course, he was not ready yet. Keishin did not see it that way though. He was to eager for his adventures to begin. The CREATOR finally had to step in and give him a little help lest he do himself harm. She gave him a tiny spark of Wisdom. He spent the rest of his time thinking about the wisdom of getting out to early, he soon came to realize there was no wisdom in that! :) He still wants to have adventures, but now he has the wisdom to pick the right ones. He came to me because the CREATOR deemed it best. I do not know what his life was like before he got here, and I do not care. All I care about is how happy he is here! We have had many wonderful adventures since he got here. Some of them are hilarious, but I will have to tell you about them another time. Keishin wants to go exploring again! You can take a look at his new friends and his hoard below.
Crystal Ball.Helmet.Shield.Armour.Gauntlet.Gauntlet.Magic sword.
Wisdom.Magic sword.Diamond.Treasure.
Wizard.        Click.
Fairy.            Click.
Freedom.        Click.
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