This is Scarborough Fair.
This is Saikoubi which is Japanese for Most Lovely.
Magic Lights.   Saikoubi.    Magic Lights.
Here is Saikoubi's story.
She is a Feather Dragon and she is Telepathic.  She was adopted and had a lovely home.  She saw her adoptive parent at least twice a week and she had friends and toys, anything her heart could desire.  Over time, she did not see her parent as often.  She was not worried because she was well loved.  She knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Her parent must have gotten busy, which sometimes happened.  Which she knew could happen occasionally in the human world.  Then something horrible happened!  Everything went dark, her home disappeared!  She was lost and alone.  She had no books to read, no friends to speak to, no family to reassure her.  It was horrible!  She was trapped in a folder on a hard drive.  Her telepathic powers did her no good.....there was no one there.  It was a dark and scary time for this magnificent being.  To be shut off from the light, and bereft of friends and family.   She does not know how long she was in the dark but she knows it felt like an eternity.  Then there came an end to the darkness.  The ever vigilant CREATOR came to her rescue!  Se healed her trauma and her soul.  She found her a new home with a relative.....this home.  I have made myself a vow not to let this happen to her again.  She has other relatives already here, who also suffered similar fates.  Praise be to the CREATOR, for finding them and healing them of there wounds.  I am so honored that the CREATOR deemed me a fit parent for all of them.  I shall try my utmost to live up to that honor!
Here are some of Saikoubi's new friends and things.
Magic Sword.Books.Magic Staff.Books.Diamond Basket.
Bookshelf.Jeweled Chalice.Treasure.Books.Crystal Ball.Magic Wand.
Baby dragonfly.              Click.              Baby Dragonfly.
Pixie.       Click.
Easter.          Click.
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